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Possible mastitis AFTER milk has dried up???

I gradually stopped breastfeeding and milk dried up about a week ago. A few days I had fluey symptoms and noticed my breast and nipple felt bruised. The next day I noticed a red round patch on the top of my breast (have never had mastitis here before - usually nearer the nipple or underneath) and sure enough there is a slight lump under the red patch.

The problem is that I can't pump or feed LO because my milk has dried up. I tried massaging the lump and a little yellow thick creamy discharge came out of my nipple like old milk or maybe something from an abscess ... The red patch disappeared today but tonight the pain is creeping back and my boob looks a bit red again... Is it possible to have mastitis after your milk has dried up? My boobs are soft and nipples back to the way they were before feeding. There is just a tender area and a bit of a lumpy bit under the red spot.

Also, I took my temperature today and it is normal so should I leave phoning the GP??? I just don't know how to treat this. When I got mastitis while feeding I just pumped and pumped the milk out and fed really frequently and thankfully it went away itself.... Not this time though.

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Didn't want to read and run. I would give the lactation specialist a call. It does seem like it could be some "old" milk backed up

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even men can get yes, you can get mastitis after your milk has dried up. My sister got it many years after she weaned her last baby. Women who breastfeed just get it way more often. Call your GP. When I had mastitis...I got the red hot patch on my breast too.

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