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Hunger or exhaustion?

For the past couple days my LO has been really fussy at the breast. When he wakes up I'll feed him and he's relatively calm during the first feeding. Then I burp him and change his diaper before offering the second breast, which he happily eats. By this time he's wide awake because of the wipes and he's sometimes grumpy. If I'm lucky he'll go back to sleep, but most of the time he stays up for a good hour and then wants more to eat. This is where it gets hectic. When I offer him the breast (because he starts rooting and eating his fists) he'll latch on and then give me this "Yuck!" expression (which is sort of offending) and break the latch to only re-latch and do it all over again! It's killing my nipples and stressing me out. I try to continue, but it's so hard. Then when I lay him down after burping he cries and cries with his eyes closed like he's wanting to sleep but fighting it. I've tried holding and rocking him to see if it gets him to sleep better, but when I put him down afterwards (when he's fallen asleep) it's the same thing. I can't tell if he's hungry or just fussy because he's exhausted. He gets enough sleep when he does settle down, roughly two or three hours worth. I really don't know how to handle this. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Can't help hun, but my 6 week old is doing exactly the same, I can't get her to sleep
Before early hours of the morning

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sounds like trapped wind keep at it or try infacol we bicyle her legs n lay her tummy down over lAP

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Yes sounds like wind, and when they burp they make more room and realise they are hungry again. It's a pain, but if you can get the wind up early, he won't tire as quickly trying to work it out and will feed better and then sleep better.

Try the bicycle movement pedal the legs, then slowly stroke him gently down his chest and tummy several times. Pop him up then and hold him under the chin with your index finger and thumb, with a straight back and rub his back, then try the pedal and chest stroke again. The different angles worked a treat for my wee guy. If we couldn't get it out it would come out the other end a couple of hours later and make him just as grizzly so we worked so hard at it!!!!!!!
Also gripe water or colief/infacol were helpful.

Good luck

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