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Baby scales?

Hello ladies,

I am planning on BF and since this is my first pregnancy I am a lil clueless (the BF antenatal class was fully booked ). I talked to my mum and she said for my brother and me she had scales on which she weighed us before and after a feed and then writing down the difference so that she would be able to track exactly how much milk we had. Now, is this something you would recommend or is it not necessary? How do you judge if baby has "eaten" well etc? And if you DO do the scale thing, is there one brand in particular that you'd recommend?
Really grateful for your advice and thanks in advance xxx

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I wouldn't recommend doing it, it just worries you for no reason. As long as your baby gets enough wet diapers a day and is growing well from week to week then it is not necessary to measure input and output.

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