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golf ball sized hard spot in breast, clogged duct?

last week or so i had what i assume was a clogged milk duct in my right breast, i could feel a little lump, it was sore and my breast was full even after feeding. i pumped, offered that breast first, and massaged it in a hot shower. cleared up on its own. but now this week my left breast feels like its never empty after feeding like it normally is, and there is a hard spot the size of a golf ball on the left side of my boob, closer to my armpit than my nipple if that makes sense. is this another clogged duct?! its not terribly painful or anything. (except when she latches on, just like it did those first few weeks)

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Yes it probably is; I would keep an eye on it, try to get it to go by the usual methods and if you feel at all unwell in any way please seek medical help as mastitis can develop very quickly xx

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