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Pulling, biting, twisting my nipples!

Unless my baby is starving, she has started to mess at the breast a lot. It's so painful! She will whip her head away while not letting go of the nipple even with no distractions. Sometimes she pulls her head back and doesn't let go. She is just getting so rough with my boobs! My nipples are red and really sore, it's like the beginning all over again!

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I'm curious to see what others say about this. My son does this as well. Sometimes he does this while he's trying to poo and others he just does this... not sure why. It's happening enough and hurting enough that I'm thinking of stopping BFing and just expressing.

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My Lo would push on breast with her hand and pull back with her head, she did this for a couple of days and then about week later I got my period. So for me she was doing it because there was less milk.
If your LO is doing it due to distraction will she still do it if you are in a dark room with less distraction?
It could be LO is trying to get a letdown to happen if its happening at the start of a feed.

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My LO does this too, and it drives me crazy, plus it means I get milk squirting everywhere sometimes. I haven't found a way to stop it, and the only time she doesn't do it is when she is really, really hungry.

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