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how soon are you getting married after engagement??

So I'm curious to know how long y'all's engagements are/are going to be??

OH and I talked about it this morning and we both agree we want a fall wedding. I don't want to wait till next fall, but he doesn't want to do this fall!
I really don't want a long engagement and wanting to be married within a year, but I don't want to be insensitive to his thoughts either.. I mean he is the other half of this marrige :P

Maybe spring 2014? But I feel like that's so typical to get married in the spring!

I don't know why I'm being so impatient about it! I know some of it is because I live with my parents and am ready to be out on our own, but I don't want to move in with him because of the custody battle. Living with a boyfriend/fiance is seen as instable. I don't have a high enough paying job to get my own place, so I'm stuck

But at least we're getting there! I just want to be married to him

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My oh and I got together 27th August 2009 then on September 2010 we found out I was pregnant and got engaged.... Lo was born 28th may 2011 and we are getting married on our 4 year anniversary 27th August 2013 xxx

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We got engaged the day before my 21st birthday (24th Feb) last year and we are getting married June 15th this year so we're getting married after being engaged a year and 4 months

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He's still designing my engagement ring (he finds it fun lol). And we're planning for a July - September wedding. We've looked at venues and started getting quotes. While it is getting close, there are still dates open and venues available. BUT, that'll change quickly over the next month or two. So if you are thinking about doing a Fall wedding, I'd start browsing the spots and get an idea of costs.

And I think Spring weddings are gorgeous. I want a summer wedding since we'll be getting married at a vineyard and we want grapes on the vines (so it has to be before harvest).

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My OH would get married tomorrow if I'd let him but seeing as I have to sort it out, and I am a worrier, I'm assuming I won't even be ready by our date haha

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I am assuming that its pretty common to get married in Spring where you are? Here a lot of people get married in Summer and quieter months are Nov-Feb We got engaged on Christmas day and are getting married on 7th Feb 2014 so just over a year really (but we had always said that we didn't want a long engagement). Originally we wanted a Christmas wedding but we felt Dec was too close to Xmas and SIL got married in Nov so we didn't want that either lol! So Feb it is xx

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We just got engaged on 1/26/2013 and we are getting married on 9/6/2013. So our engagement will be a little over 7 months.

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When we get married in april we will have been engaged 20months. I would've preferred a shorter engagement but i didn't want to be in the final stages of planning a wedding whilst doing my uni finals, so this was a good compromise for us

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we have been engaged 5 years and are getting hitched in September

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It will be just under two years

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