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Abroad wedding


me and oh and finally gettting round to talking about weddings and we are thinking of getting married abroad, as we fear, a lot of his family wouldnt turn up and would ruin our day

We would invite people, but they would pay for themselves to come

I was just wondering if anyone had experiences of getting married abroad, what it is like, best places and could we do it on a budget of 4000 or less? we would be paying for me, my partner and our daughter, we would probably do it slightly out of season, but our daughter start primary school September 2014, so im not sure if they would let us take her out of school or not. we dont want to go in the middle of summer. Also how do the legalities of it all work?

Any hekp, tips or advice would be fab!


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Mummy May
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You could defo do it on that budget (but don't forget to leave a bit to get your documents translated). Basically you're just booking a holiday with a wedding as an add on package, usually the prices start at 500 depending on what you want and go up from there. Some places even have ''free'' wedding packages, though usually the catch is that you have to stay there for a minimum amount of time. One thing I would say is don't expect everyone you invite to come, and pick somewhere affordable if you want to increase the chances of coming. My SIL has been asked to be a BM for one of her friends but the place they are getting married is really expensive and it would cost SIL 3100 for a week for 2 adults and 2 children under 3. She has had to tell her friend she can't go! Most of the other invited people also aren't going because its so expensive. As for places, I love Turkey and if you're looking for a beach wedding go to Olu Deniz Good Luck with your plans xx

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