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Will be joining this forum soon!

OH and I have talked about getting married, and we picked out an engagement ring together. We ordered it online and it came in the mail today! I guess we're a little unorthodox because I already tried it on and he hasn't even proposed yet! I keep telling him I'd be happy if he proposed right here in our living room while we're both in sweats but he insists that he wants to plan out some extravagant way to do it. Which I think it nice but dang I'm impatient! But the moment is it bad that I've already started planning the wedding?

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Not bad at all why not! My OH proposed to me in our bedroom in the end . He had planned to do it during a trip away but one evening I was all upset over something and crying my eyes out and he just thought it was the right moment to propose then! Sounds stupid but it was such a special moment cause I'd been feeling rather down and insecure about myself and it really came out of the blue as I hadn't been expecting him to propose for at least another year . That was back in 2011 though and it's taken us this long to start wedding planning!

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We did it that way round too. Chose a ring and tried it on, then he suprised me by proposing that weekend whilst i thought the ring was still being made and not due to arrive until they following day.

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