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Help! Im embarassed about my walking down the aisle song :/

We have another meeting in a few weeks to discuss the finer details of our ceremony with the reverend including songs we want, hymns ect..

We are getting married in a church but the reverend seems fairly laid back and when i asked said i could have any song i wanted within reason..obviously nothing offensive/inappropriate..

I absolutely LOVE this piece of music by Klaus Badelt from the film The Time Machine, the first time i saw the film when i was in my early teens i just instantly had such a magical feeling from it.. (i know i sound so silly ) Even now every time i listen to it it just fills me with goose bumps and ive told my OH various times that id like to walk down the aisle to it..He is happy for me to do so if its what i want as he also likes it but im just unsure of what all our guests will think?

Its not traditional at all, and i think it may take some by surprise as they probably would NOT be expecting me to have something like this..

Im also kind of shy to play it to the reverend because its always been my dream to have this song and now i feel like she's going to laugh or tell me its not appropriate..

This is the song..i would have the whole song played but i would probably have me and my bridesmaid walk in at around 2.28..

It really is one of my favourite peices of music but i just feel really embarassed about having it..should i forget about it and choose something else?

There is also this version, which is shorter and slower but pretty much the same song..

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I think it's a beautiful piece of music and not inappropriate at all. I also think that this is one of the most important days of your life and it's about what you've always dreamed of, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks and if you don't have it and choose something else then I think you'll regret it in time. Go for it, it's your special day.


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I really like it! If it's something you feel strongly about then I'm all for it, go for it! X

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I just got married in a Catholic church, who are notorious for not been keen on change, but I told him it was what I wanted. The piece I wanted to walk down the aisle to wasn't a hymn or anything. But it was my wedding and God really doesn't care what I walk dwn the aisle to, where as I do.

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Oh wow! I absolutely LOVE this .. they used to play this when we had primary school assemblies lol! I don't see why you should be embarrassed in the slightest hun! xx

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