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Bridesmaids hair accessory

Hi everyone

Looking for some advice/ideas. I have 5 bridesmaids, they will be wearing royal blue. They all have different hairstyles at different lengths, so I'm finding it hard to find them a hair accessory to wear that will look good on them all - and is affordable.

I was thinking about a hairband, that way they all have the same and it'll still work for the girls with short hair and also if the girls with long hair go for updos.

Looking at combs etc has confused me as I'm not sure how they would work with the girls with short hair, or if their hair is down.

Any ideas?


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Mum (Mom)
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Why not give a general theme and let them choose their own? They're in the same colour so don't need to have matching hair too!

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Mum (Mom)
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Stalking as I have the EXACT same problem! I think I will probably just find some sort of small flowers on hair pins to put wherever appropriate on them. My colour is royal blue too ... Good choice x

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I had this problem with my wedding in August as I had four bridesmaids with Teal Dresses (my wedding theme was Ivory/Teal) - they all had different hairstyles due to differing hair lengths but I still wanted to tie it all in somehow.

I looked at combs and things too - but a couple of my bridesmaids have really short, thin hair and they were worried about keeping them in. In the end, I found an ivory flower on a slide that ended up being perfect - 2 of my bridesmaids had their hair up, and 2 had it down and it looked lovely on all of them.

The flowers were just big enough to be noticed, but not too big so that they looked silly or felt heavy or anything.

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