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Anyone had/ planning a Gretna Green wedding?

Me and OH are considering this as we'd like to get married just us with no guests. Anyone done it? Doing it? Any thoughts, recommendations or ideas? Cheer ladies

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We considered it but we decided we want all our family and friends with us on our special day so decided against it.
My Auntie got married there last year though with just her best friend and her husbands best friend as their witnesses and said it was right for them, they're having a vow renewal this year with all the family but said they wouldn't change their actual wedding.

I think its a good option if you are having a small ceremony.

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I considered this until a friend told me about the location of it. I cant remember now what it was but she said it is really unromantic as it is next to a factory or landfill, im not sure something like that. She said its nothing like it is on the pics.

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We considered it but it's more or less next to a main road etc, so noisy and like pp said unromantic

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