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Old Sep 23rd, 2010, 06:16 AM   51
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I am trying to send a travel system so pram, car seat plus raincover and cosy toes plus a bag of like 8 items of clothing and 2 pairs boots.. it is doing my head in trying to get a qoute!!! Anyone else sent anything similar??

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Old Oct 1st, 2010, 16:30 PM   52
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i would like to send a lightweight buggy to another member of the board and i would like to use the site posted by wobbles but i dont have any packaging for the buggy and the site doesnt seem to have what im looking for any advice??


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Old Oct 14th, 2010, 05:26 AM   53
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going to give it a go thanks x

Old Oct 29th, 2010, 12:11 PM   54
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7 to send a city jogger twin is this right?! It weighs 11.8kg and is 77.5L x 65 x 16.6

any ideas?

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Old Dec 6th, 2010, 12:46 PM   55
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I just wanted to write and tell everyone HDNL are useless!!

I few weeks ago i sent a parcel to jenny_wren and tried to have it send TWICE by HDNL and both times they failed to turn up and didn't even tell me they were not coming! After the second time i cancelled and went with DHL who picked up the following day (HDNL also turned up that day even though we had cancelled!!)

I have now tried to send another parcel to Danni1979 but again they have messed me around! They were meant to collect on Fri but cancelled (due to the snow i dont mind as much but they could have let me know!!) and they were meant to turn up today but so far i am still waiting! They have 15mins to get here but i doubt they will to be honest!! So i am going to have to cancel and go with DHL.

I urge anyone to go with DHL instead as although they are more expensive at least they are more reliable! I will defiantly be going with DHL for any other couriers i use in the future!!

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Old Jan 17th, 2011, 17:14 PM   56
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if sending a pram dose it need to be packed in box or would lots of bubble wrap an bin liners be ok xx

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Old Apr 12th, 2011, 14:53 PM   57
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I would recommend my Hermes. Collected adnd delivered for a great price. Pushchair delivery about 7.

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Old Jun 1st, 2011, 07:32 AM   58
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i've arranged for my hermes to pick up my package today. any ideas what times they do collections? x

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Old Aug 10th, 2011, 17:12 PM   59
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Hiya how do I pack uP a qunny buzz and wOrk out tge weight at home?

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Old Sep 1st, 2011, 19:11 PM   60
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Just paid 11 for a travel system to be picked up & delivered to me end of next working day which i think was a great price when compared to some other quotes i got, got this deal from,

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