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Side effects after getting ur tubes tied and burned after c-section

Has anybody had there tubes tied and burned right after they had a c-section ..i had my tubes tied and burned when i went in to have my son(c-section) ..i didnt really look up the side effects and stuff before i had it done and i was looking them up and it seems like everybody is havihg pain from it and is havihg it reversed ...if you had it done have you had any pains or any problems from it ...all i seem to have ( not sure if its related to the tubes being tied or not) im still bleeding and i had my son 15 days ago (june 4th) it comes and goes sone days very little or done and sone days its alot like the past 2 days ( it was so much the last 2 day..and another problem is ny stomach will feel like its being twisted or something and i will have to go number 2 ,the twisting feeling hurts sooo bad .im not sure if its cramping ir what not ..u would appreciate any ones opions or stories on havihg there tubes tied and burned .

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