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How important is immediate contact after birth?

Just thinking out loud here... this whole concept that babies are handed to us after birth and never removed from our hospital rooms is relatively new. I remember when most of us were born, babies were kept in the hospital nursery and it was the norm for babies to be away from their mothers unless being fed. My grandfather who is a doctor told me this was for health reasons so babies could be kept in a sterile environment for their first week and wouldn't be exposed to visitors' germs and also so the mothers could rest.
C-section moms seem to be heartbroken that they've somehow damaged their bond by not being able to hold their baby immediately but does it even matter to our babies?

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I don't think so personally, they are knackered and just sleep anyway!!

With both my sons they were not immediately placed on me (both were emergencies in theatre) and it has made no difference at all to us - I love them both and have no bond issues at all - to me skin to skin and all that is just not important bond-wise, bond is there immediately no matter whether I had them straight away or after they were checked over.

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Old Oct 3rd, 2012, 10:40 AM   3
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I had a section under general so had to wait a little while for cuddles with my baby boy after birth and i was fine

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I got to hold DD1 straight after she was born!

I don't personally think that lack of contact straight away damages 'a bond'

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Old Oct 3rd, 2012, 15:23 PM   5
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I got to hold my son around an hour after my section (emergency & they put me under). I dont think it damaged our bond - I struggled with baby blues which stopped our bond, but now thats gone, he is the love of my life!

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Old Oct 6th, 2012, 06:47 AM   6
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Before my babie's birth, I researched this topic, after natural birth, and felt very strongly about having skin to skin contact, delayed cord clamping, natural 3rd stage etc.
I turned out needing an emcs, and had to wait more than an hour before seeing him, anyway then I was off my head on pain killers lol. In that time he had heaps of skin to skin contact with his dad, and tried to nurse from him! Amazing how strong they are. I wannted NO pain meds and ended up having a truckload, and he was still alert etc.
I had no problems bonding with him at all, even though I was groggy etc. one of my friends had a natural birth, and struggled with bonding - I think it is a random thing. She now loves her little girl to bits.

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Old Oct 6th, 2012, 11:03 AM   7
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I feel that it does effect things, for me i felt after wanting skin to skin etc i didnt get the birth i wanted i was happy my baby was born healthy but all i wanted was to be able to hug or touch my daughter. it was a scary experiance n i felt so ditached from it all. breastfeeding wasnt easy because we didnt get to try it when she was born so for many reasons i ended up pumping for her for 6 months whos to say tht wouldnt have happened anyway. but i think more for the mother its sad not to be able to hold your was for me. i wasnt so off on meds and i completly knew what was happening at tht time my baby was fine so i could have done skin to skin but they wouldnt agree x

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Old Oct 6th, 2012, 12:37 PM   8
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When Louie was born, he was taken to be cleaned first and then handed to my husband. When I came out of the theatre and put onto a proper bed, he was then handed to me. So about 25 minutes old. I was gutted but to be honest, I didnt even think about it as the end of my labour was incredibly traumatic and I just wanted him out! BUT, he was put straight to the breast and was for two weeks so we did have skin to skin.

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Old Oct 6th, 2012, 15:17 PM   9
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i have to disagree, i had an emcs with my first and i didnt get to hold her until an hour n half after she was born. i tried breastfeeding for 3 n half weeks and i feel that if id had immediate skin to skin, there might of been more of a chance for us. i was a student midwfie and i know that from day 1 skin to skin asap was drilled into us! if the baby breastfeeds within the first hour of delivery, there are so many benefits, not to mention more sucessful at long term breastfeeding.
ive put in my birth plan that i want skin to skin while im being stitched up. i have 40 mins of time to spare where i cant move, and i dont see why i cant be bonding with my new baby during this. for me, its the most important point on my plan. as long as there is nothing wrong with her, she is being put on my tummy after a rub down so we can have some time together. she wont be leaving my chest at all! well, nappy changes but thats it. im gunna be topless for a while haha

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While I was pregnant I really wasn't even sure how I felt about skin to skin. But then after a crazy failed induction and a csection under general anestesia, I got into my room after about an hour still drugged up and they made me do skin to skin. I'm so greatful for that time. He felt like a stranger because all of a sudden, he was just there. One minute I was pregnant, then I woke up and I wasn't.

That bonding time was important for me

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