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You look bloody fab! And 2weeks PP wow girl your doing good! But ease up on yourself! Look at your belly and be proud of what it's just done! You have just created the most precious gift EVER!...

I've had 2 sections and I was super slim before my first son, I even had abit of a 6 pack! Anyways that went up in smoke and after him I had this stretched pouch, which was numb! Second son came along nearly 3 years later, another section... And I still ended up with the same pouch and a few more stretch marks and even more belly that felt numb!... Anyways after my second son I had a rough time, with life in general and I lost a whole load of weight! I was literally skin and bones! And yes belly was flat, but still stretched and jiggly... I pulled myself out of my depression and put some weight on that I needed... I still have that abit of a pouch, that's jiggly, numb and stretch marked to hell... But that carried my babies! And when I see that in the bath, or getting changed I look at it and it always makes me smile!

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I AM proud that my belly held my babies for 9 months. They really are the most precious, important parts of my life!!!

I had terrible vericose veins in my legs too, i'm thrilled they went about 95 percent away. I would of been fine if they hadn't . I don't mind the stretchies. They also have already faded quite a bit just even after the initial shrink down after baby came out. They still have alot of time to fade, and they did after my first pg. They're just so weird looking now, kinda like lil blisters,lol! i could even live with that.I can live with not being as toned as I was before 2 kids. The pouch..i dunno, it just really bugs me!! Even though I can see it reduce week by week. I just know it will never go away fully.

I know i don't have anything to worry about with dh. I just can't shake the insecure feelings when I see on tv these chicks with the tight rock hard abs, or even when we go shopping and come across them. I know he's gonna look, and makes me wonder if he'll leave me cause i look like shyte after kids Clothes can hide quite a bit.. but in the bedroom, well thats a whole other thing.

I appreciate all the comments how i still look good. I find it hard to believe though...god i hate being a woman, with hormones...jealousy, and insecurities!!

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Originally Posted by minties View Post
Can we even do anything about the sag anyway? Mine just feels like skin.

I'm really short, under 5 foot, and had a massive bump, so I don't think my stomach will ever recover without surgery. Even during my section they had to clip a sandbag thing to my stomach, which was hanging off the bed by my head (the sandbag that is), to hold the skin back! It was so embarrassing.
I think you look fine too.

I am just under 5 foot too and i also had a huge bump, the skin on my stomach is totally ruined and my bellybutton sticks out like it did when i was pregnant. I hate the way it look but i have my son who was so worth it. Me and my hubby went through years of IVF treatment to get our little boy.

My belly looks a bit like a kangaroo pouch.... lol

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I think you look great too! I am worried about my belly, which wasn't slim to start with! My bump was enormous, baby was 11 lbs 3 oz and I went overdue to 40 weeks + 15!!! So I feel like its going to be really hard to get any tone back!

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Old Dec 5th, 2012, 09:18 AM   15
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You look great to me!

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