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Chances of vbac?

I had my 1st baby girl 11 days ago by emergency c-section after being induced at 14 days overdue. So a little early to be thinking about this I guess. But my overall experience of c-section was pretty good. But now my cut has gotten infected, and I realize the recovery will be a longer process. So now I'm starting to wonder what my chances of a natural birth next time would be?? Also is it true if I have all c-sections they will only let me have 2 more babies??? xx

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All of that depends on your doctor and the hospital. The hospital I delivered my son at (by csection) will do a VBAC if everything looks normal. The hospital I will deliver this baby at will not do a VBAC. That said, my first hospital was the highest level trauma hospital so they have lots of specialists there all the time and the one I will deliver at this time is a smaller hospital.

My doctor who delivered my son asked me about the number of kids we wanted before we did the csection. I know there can be complications if you have too many csections, but I don't know what "too many" actually equates to as far as real numbers. My doctor just said, "You don't want 5 more kids, do you? Because if you do, we should reconsider the csection."

I would say when you go in for your follow up appointment, ask you doctor about it. These are normal questions to ask while recovering from a csection.

Good luck with your recovery. I hope it starts going better.

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Yes, as PP said it really depends on your doctor and the hospital. The hospital and doctor that did my c-section doesn't do VBACs. In fact the entire state for the most part is against it. We have since moved and the hospital that I am going to now is very for a VBAC as long as all your conditions are favorable; ie internal scar, not gaining too much weight, baby in position and usually they won't induce you but depends.

I am going to try for a VBAC with this baby and see how it goes. It isn't that I hated my c-section but it wasn't the birth that I wanted and it was actually my worst case senario. So if I can try this time I am all for it.

I would talk to your doctor about your concerns at your follow up appointment and see what their thoughts are.

Also, I do know that you are able to have multiple (3+) with a section though as I did ask my doctor that.

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My LO was born by emcs also after going two weeks over, I got told that I would be pushed for vbac for my next but can have an elective if I wish. In the uk I think they do OHs for vbac depending on your individual case


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I asked my doctor this and she told me as long as everythig is healthy there's about a 75% chance I'd have a successful vaginal delivery next time. But again, it all just depends!

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I had an infection and wound breakdown after my first c section. I tried for a vbac but unfortunately ended up with a second c section due to failure to progress and ds2 being in distress. I have been told that I wouldn't be allowed to try for vbac next time and would have to have a third c section.

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I think a lot of it depends on how soon after birth you get pregnant again, reason for needing a c section 1st time, and how well you've healed. I had a c section last February at 34 weeks due to iugr. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and due mid June. I was advised to wait at least 6 months before getting pregnant, but ideally 18-24 months. I got pregnant after 7 months. I've been told as long as everything progresses ok with this pregnancy, and my scar looks ok, there's no reason why I can't try for a vbac, but I will be monitored throughout labour and birth as I'm at risk of uterine rupture with it being so soon. This does mean I'm not allowed the water birth I've always wanted, but we've come to an agreement to let me labour in water with intermittent monitoring. x

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