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Pulling pain inside -- like I pulled stitches on one side?

I'm almost three weeks pp and have been feeling very good/back to normal. Yesterday I started having pain on one side of my a pulling pain. Almost like I've pulled my stitches on that side...? DH looked and said there's a hole on that side--like where the thread came out or something. He said it wasn't red or anything so it's not infected...

I'm worried I pulled out some internal stitches or...? A few days ago at two week check up doctor said it was all healed and I could remove the bandages on the I did. Maybe this pulled out something?

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I felt pulling pain until about a week ago and I'm 7 weeks postpartum. It's taken me longer to heal because I ended up with a wound infection after 10 days. I really hated the sensation and thought it would never go away but it mostly has. I believe it's the scar "knitting" together and healing. So perfectly normal. I don't know about the hole you're talking about but I'd get it checked out if you're at all concerned.

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