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Questions for anyone who has had a planned C-Section

I had a C-section with my daughter, but it was 13 years ago. With that one, my water had broken, I was in labor 20 hours and then pushed for 3... then since she was looking at my right hip, they did a C-section.

A LOT has changed in 13 years! lol

I'm scheduled to have a C-section Apr. 22nd and I had some questions for anyone who has had a more recent experience with a C-section that had been planned...

I remember with the last one, I had blood clots that came out for a day or two after birth. Does that happen with a planned C-section also?

With the last one, I had an epidural. With this one I'll have a spinal. What are the differences?

Is there anything else you think I should know about ahead of time? I've forgotten a lot.


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Hi there,
I'm hoping I can help a little
I've had 3 c-sections, 1 was an emergency and the other 2 were elective.
With all 3 I had a spinal block, the difference i'm aware of between an epidural and a spinal is that an epidural can be adjusted, a spinal block is a complete block. As far as i'm aware more issues occur during the use of epidurals aka people feeling things, not strong enough etc.. But a spinal block is a complete block so you don't feel anything. I had no issues with all 3 of mine, they don't hurt to go in, you just have to be very still of course. My 3rd c-section they did make it quite strong so I was numbed from a higher point which made me feel nauseas but they quickly fixed that for me and I was fine within a minute.
I always had those small clots after childbirth, I think it's an individual thing, some women do bleed differently, I've always been a heavy bleeder too but my normal periods are like that too so i've gotten use to it being normal for me. They do tell you to show them if you pass a clot a certain size and they check it and I did pass a large one after my son was born (3rd c-section) but they said it wasn't a concern.
Elective c-sections can be very peaceful births, things are taken alot slower and more controlled. I'm hoping to go for a 4th one
Goodluck and congrats on the impending arrival of your new bubby!

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