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Has anyone had an elective section at Southern General?

Hi all! I'm booked in for my elective section on 21/8. My last section was an emergency, all a bit rushed and pretty much all of my birthplan chucked out the window. Now, in hindsight, it was necessary, Mairi was not happy and I was quite unwell. I totally missed out on skin to skin and this was one of the biggest things I wanted at the time. Also, they catheterised me before my spinal because of fluid overload, silly to say, but that was the most traumatising part of the whole situation, my urethra went into spasm and it was increadably difficult and painful.

My pre-op assessment is not until the day before my section, so I don't know when I'm going to be able to ask about these things. Will I be allowed to have skin to skin? Will they wait for my spinal to kick in before catheterising me? Can I have some music in the background? I know I can't have painted fingernails, but can I have my toenails done? Can I wear a wee bit of CC cream or something, just so I don't look like death warmed up? How long until DD1 can come and see me? I really really want to see her that day, the thought of having to wait until the following day to properly cuddle her really upsets me. She's as big a part of the family, so deserves to be incorporated as soon as possible and I'm terrified I don't get to give birth until late afternoon, then can't have visitors until that night.

Please can someone give me a wee bit of advice and help me word my argument as to why I want my skin to skin. Thanks in advance ladies. Xxx

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I'm in the US but maybe my experience can help a bit? I had a csection after a failed induction with DD1. It was a terrible experience for me too and I barely even remember seeing her for the first time.

Although it was my plan to VBAC this time, due to lots of unfortunate circumstances and then surprise low fluid at 38 week scan, I had "planned" csection on 7/11.

I was really determined to have a different experience if I was to have another section so I made myself a birth plan. When I got to the hospital, I told every nurse I saw what my plans were. I also told my doctor when she visited before the surgery. I didnt ask for immediate skin to skin because I wouldnt have felt comfortable holding her like that on the operating table so I'm not much help there but I'm sure that they'd be more than happy to let you have her in the recovery room for skin to skin or breastfeeding. After my daughter was born, they had to medically clear her first (I had GD) but my husband stayed with her the entire time. Then he brought her back and held her next to me for most of my surgery. Right before I was done, he went with the nurse to take her up to the nursery to be cleaned up and weighed. I was in recovery for only about 5 minutes before he came down with the baby and nurse. I was able to breastfeed her and now that I think about it, the nurse actually unwrapped her and took her little shirt off before giving her to me so we could have as much contact as possible.

I walked myself into the OR and they did my spinal. It didnt hurt at all and they waited until I was good and numb before inserting the catheter. I did pee twice before I went in (not sure if that matters). I also made sure to tell them I didn't want the catheter until I had my spinal. There's no reason they need to do the catheter first so make that clear to them. I didnt ask for music but my doctor and anesthesiologist agreed they'd like some so turned it on. They even asked if I had requests! It helped take my mind off of focusing on what they were doing. It can't hurt to ask about having music. It shouldn't matter about your toenails being painted because I wore socks the entire time. You should be able to wear whatever you want on your face. I didnt wear anything and I did look like death but that was okay for me. A girl I know went in with a full face of makeup, lipstick and all! As for your DD1,
I think if you have your section early enough than she would be able to come but if its later I would think not unfortunately. I have a 5 year old and was having serious issues myself worrying about when she could come and dealing with missing her. I had my section at night past visiting hours so she wasn't able to come right away. Honestly, I missed her terribly but looking back was really appreciative that my husband and I had time to focus on bonding with our new daughter. DD1 came the next morning when visiting hours started and stayed the whole day with us. It was pretty exhausting after a while since I was still in alot of pain. DD1 was super excited to see her sister but after a few hours she started acting up and when it was time for her to go she had a really hard time. She didnt understand why her family was staying but she couldn't. It was a really emotionally stressful day for me. I would say that if you do wind up with an afternoon section to maybe take the time to bond with your new baby before bringing your daughter over.

Not sure that any of that is helpful but hopefully everything will go well for you! Good luck .

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