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Had a great c-section experience :)

It's been almost 2 years but the memories are all coming back now that I'm pregnant again. I just wanted to share that I loved my birth experience, it wasn't without pain and a couple months of healing, but it was beautiful and without a doubt I am choosing to have another one with this baby. I didn't get to choose with DD, she was breech. There isn't a lot of point to this thread, I just was browsing this area of the forum and thought I could add a positive story for those almost new moms with anxiety about a c section. Hope you all are doing well this evening and wishing everyone a healthy delivery, no matter how it happens

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My C-section experience was also positive. It was unplanned. I had a totally med free labour, made it to the pushing stage without anything at all. But baby was stuck and the aim was a vaccum delivery so I got an epidural at this stage. I pushed for 2 and a 1/2 hours and baby only descended by one station so I was told my only real option was a c-section.

Everything was dealt with so calmly. Neither the baby or I were in any distress so we had about an hour to get our heads round things. By this point I just wanted the baby out! The theatre staff were lovely and calming. I didn't get to see baby for about 20 mins as he needed the paediatrician to look at him (husband went with them) but he was ok and in my arms swiftly after. It turned out he was 9lbs 11oz and coming sunny side up so my petite frame just could not accomodate him.

I am much happier at the thought of a c-section again in future but will still probably aim for a VBAC due to swifter recovery times.

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Old Sep 19th, 2013, 04:48 AM   3
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Just adding to the positive vibe!!

With my first I had a home water birth. With my second (last week), I had an CS. If I had another bub, I would choose a c-section a million times over. Personally, a c-section was a much better experience.

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Old Oct 23rd, 2013, 11:40 AM   4
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I just had a emergency section 12 days ago, after 14 hours of labour I stalled out at 8 cm and wouldn't progress, and my little mans heart rate was having some decelerations. Turns out he had his cord pinched between his shoulder and side of his head. So the OB suggested I have a emergency section. My experience was great, I expected to have my hands and feet restrained (like you read about in some locations) but I was fully awake and had full control of my hands, so I was able to meet baby right away! The whole medical staff was amazing, the nurses took a million pictures for us, and I felt like we were being well taken care of. And after enduring 14 hours of labour I must say I would choose a section again, hands down! I must add from the time a c section was offered and the baby was born it was a total of 40 minutes, that was right from agreeing to a section and him being born, then it took about another 20 minutes to stitch me up.

I am having no problems with recovery, so far. I do have amazing help from my husband, but I'm feeling great! I am still not lifting anything, just to be safe. And I didn't take anything stronger then Tylenol for pain right after. My scar is healing nicely and isn't sore at all. By about day 4 or 5 post operation I was feeling "back to normal"....

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Old Oct 23rd, 2013, 15:19 PM   5
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Mine was also good, it was elective as both my twins were breech, it wasn't without some pain and recovery wise was slower than my natural, but actually overall a good experience.

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Old Oct 24th, 2013, 05:30 AM   6
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I enjoyed my c-section, recovery was quick, i was walking around no problem the next day, wasn't in too much pain. Mine was emergency, chaotic getting into OR but in OR was a breeze, my epi was done perfectly they had LO out within 15 min, stitched up and back in my room within 40 min of arriving in the OR. There were a few problems, as the docs couldn't find a vein for the IV drip, my LO swallowed fluid as she came out and my epi started to wear off as i was exiting the OR. But generally a very good experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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I have had 3 c-sections! Out of those 2 have been perfect (was under general for my 1st so cant really comment on how it was) The 2 i was awake for were just brilliant and just how i wanted them (skin to skin/BF'ing in recovery etc)... We are TTC #4 so will be having c-section #4 when the time comes

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Old Oct 25th, 2013, 14:01 PM   8
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Also very positive c section experience for me to and soon to be my third i loved them both and feel very proud and sentimental when I think back on them . One was at 38 weeks 2 days and another was after going into labour naturally at 39 +2. Seeing your babies for the first time is beautiful any way you do it and c section mommys should feel just as proud as those that labor it's the 9 months going into making bubs that counts IMO .great post

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I've had 2 C-sections (one at 29wks and 35wks)that were positive even tho they were both emergency due to preterm labors due to me having a double cervix/uterus. I healed up pretty fast and felt normal by the 4 day! Were ttc #3 and will have to do a C-section again(not that I have a option lol)

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Old Oct 27th, 2013, 20:55 PM   10
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Thank you ladies for your positive accounts of c-section deliveries!

I am expecting my first, & we just scheduled an elective c-section due to mine being a high-risk pregnancy. I have been getting increasingly nervous the closer we get to D-Day!! I want to be sure to heal well & properly; but also to not allow my surgery to hinder mommyhood at all.

I will be alone at home with the baby A LOT at first... any advice from you ladies on surviving on your own post c-section, & bring the best mommy you can?? I plan on nursing my baby.

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