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Hospital bag

I have had two previous iugr babies.

With my ds I was taken in at a regular growth scan at 32+4 and he was delivered by c section at 33+1.

I'm expecting similar with this lo.

I'm 31 weeks today so starting to feel very anxious. I want to be a little more prepared than last time rather then sending hubby on a wild goose chase to bring me some belongings in, if and when they decide to keep me in.

Please could you help me with some essential items I will need.

Currently got

Normal knickers
Big bloomer knickers (for after section)

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Maternity pads
Lanolin (for your nipples)
Button down shirt / breastfeeding bras (if you want to breastfeed) - I nicked hubby's
Towel (depending on what your hospital provide)
Snacks!! TBH our hospital food is crap I took lots of sweets (for enery) pretzels etc. This time my mum is bringing in a meal for after the c-section. I got a stale chicken sandwich at 10.30pm last time - didn't quite cut it after my forceps delivery!!
Clean clothes to go home in!! (trackpants / t shirt)

Obviously baby bag too - vests, sleepsuits, cardigan/jacket, muslins, nappies, cotton wool, formula (if that's what you choose), small cellular blanket, hats


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tbh i didnt really use 90% of the stuff i took apart from my wash bag! I lived in big knickers and a vest for the first day and part of the second day.. then i just put on pj bottoms. when i went home i wore tracksuit bottoms (cotton ones).

maternity pads
nipple pads
washbag (toothbrush/toothpaste/roll on deoderant/any make up you want/face wipes/bobbles!)
towels (if not provided)
lots of big knickers
pj pants
going home clothes

phone numbers
magazines!!! or a book
camera xx

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Thanks ladies. That's a big help. My heads all over the place I'm so nervous. Have an appt tomo. Not worrying too much about babies bag at this stage as ds was in for 16days. If I get through the next couple of weeks I will def have to think about babies bag too, that would be a dream!

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I'm in a similar situation to you, baby has IUGR due to my placenta not working properly. I had steroid injections 2 weeks ago and have been told that they are aiming to get me to 34 weeks but realistically looking at having to have cesarean in next 10 days and won't be given much notice, they're just keeping a close eye on doppler scans, CTGs etc for now.

I have packed a huge case as am expecting at least a 2 day stay for me and 4 days for DS

I agree with what others have already listed, only things I can really think to add are :
A hospital grade breast pump is a good idea when expecting a prem baby, although you can use hospital one if you prefer.

Cow & Gate do ready made small bottles of formula, I have packed a few of these just in case

Blankets, hats, socks and mittens for baby as won't be able to wear clothes if in neo natal

2 nightys for me in case first one gets blood or something on it

Extra large baggy high waisted tracksuit bottoms

Femfresh wipes just to make yourself feel better

Nail varnish remover pads just in case you get called in suddenly and have nail varnish on?!

Light dressing gown

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