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3rd c-section?


I'm pregnant with my third child (unplanned - found out on the morning of my appointment with the GP to get the pill).

I have had two previous C-sections so presuming I will have no choice but to have a third? I am in the UK if that makes any different.

My first C-section was great and I had no problems. The last C-section (3 years ago) was also great but I had to have a drain in my stomach afterwards.

Also, for those that have had a third, will they cut the same scar?

Thanks ladies.

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Old Apr 5th, 2016, 03:08 AM   2
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I think they do the same scar my sister-in-law had 3 C-sections and was cut on the same scar ... we live in South Africa though

I will be having my second one and Im nervous about it ... everyone says not to worry and it will be the same as my first ... first one was also easy ...

I know in SA they limit you to 3 C-sections ...

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Old Apr 5th, 2016, 17:53 PM   3
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I'm worried also. I saw my midwife yesterday and one of her ladies is on her 7th c-section!

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Old Apr 6th, 2016, 22:24 PM   4
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I'm about to have my third. My doctor told me he would remove my old scar and give me a new one.

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Old Apr 8th, 2016, 16:40 PM   5
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I'm planning on a vaginal birth after 2 sections and been given the go ahead by consultant. I'm in UK. My last section they went through same scar xx

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Old Apr 8th, 2016, 16:54 PM   6
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I think it's up to you. My friend had a successful vbac after 2 sections.. but at the same time there's no harm in playing it safe xx

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Old Apr 9th, 2016, 20:44 PM   7
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I will be having my 3rd csection in 3 years. They used the same scar in the past and they are planning on using it again this time.

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Old Apr 11th, 2016, 06:58 AM   8
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I had two c-sections in Germany and now pregnant with #3 in Australia. No one has told me I *have to* have another section. I would like to try a natural birth, but playing it by ear since I'm only 27 weeks and I have a history of small babies/baby being extremely stressed during labour, so I'm nervous to go through natural birth in case some of my previous issues come up again.

If you're considered a good candidate and you want a VBAC, just try to educate yourself as much as possible. I attended a class on 'next birth after c-section' at my hospital which was extremely informative (and I was already quite well-educated on the subject). Good luck!

PS. I was told in Germany they cut out my first scar when they cut me for the second baby.

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Old Apr 11th, 2016, 09:35 AM   9
laila 44
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I'm having my third csection as well. My dr isn't the least bit concerned as he said many patients of his have had over 4! However they always cut out the old scar, pull down the skin and give you a new scar. I've never heard of them going through the old scar?

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I'll be having a third c section as well. I won't see a consultant until 34 weeks though so I assume he's not worried about anything.
Also, with my second they removed a lot the scar tissue after delivering my son and so ended up with just the one c section scar. I assume they'd do the same this time? Xx

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