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Backache relief?

I had an emergency c section on Saturday and I'm really suffering with lower back pain, I'm taking painkillers but they're not really doing much, any tips on how to relieve it? Tia x

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Congratulations on your LO!

Be careful! I had really back pain after having my EMCS with DD and ended up not being able to walk for almost 5 months. Just to take it as easy as possible. Alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Use a heating pad. HTH.

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Heat pad , tell them it's not working they will give you something stronger

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I've been suffering awfully with this and can't work out why either, painkillers do not touch it

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I've had two c-sections and my back pain increased with each one. Lifting my two girls doesn't help either but I have a tendency to lift with my back (woops). I was never a fan of pills so I decided to look for an alternate means to decrease my pain. I found that cold really does work. It reduces any inflammation and reduces the pain. I also found an awesome product that stimulates the blood flow through the muscle once it is no longer inflamed.

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