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Feeling neglected, first section horrible wrong

So when I had my son I laboured to 10cm and pushed for 2 hours but he become wedged in my pelvis so needed emcs. When they pulled him out I tore and bled out a fair bit. I was told I'm not allowed to go into labour again due to the position of the scars I could rupture.

This time I'm at a different hospital and they won't request my notes from the previous hospital, consultant doesn't want to see me any more as I've chosen to have a section (her words) and they waiting till 39 weeks to section me as it to risky for baby to do it ealier, this worries me a little after going into labour naturally at 39 weeks and being told I can never do it again. I pushed my concerns but midwife just said it not going to happen and she kept asking me to explain the scars I have n just said if you go into labour they will section you. It's like they don't listen to me that it's so risky for me to go into labour. Makes me nervous as my sister went into labour at 36 weeks and they didn't believe her until she started pushing and we both labour really quickly.

Sorry not sure what I'm looking for here just need to rant as I'm so worried that worst case scenario I won't make it through this

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I'm so very sorry you are going through this. I can't fathom why your current doctor wouldn't request the notes from the previous hospital. Why in the world would they not want to know your past medical history??

Can you contact the hospital that you had your first c-section at and explain what is going on now? Maybe they could contact this current hospital.

Good luck!

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I can't see where you're from but if you're uk,msgandard practice is to conduct a section at 39 weeks due to the development of the lungs etc and making sure baby is safe. I have mine booked in for 39 weeks and was told 1 in 10 can go into labour before that and they assess the situation if you do go into labour.

Your situation in a way is a little similar to mine - I laboured to 9cm with dd and then went back to 6cm and ended in Emcs. Dd was stuck as she was back to back and big (bigger than my pelvis too so she couldn't get out). I have been told this baby is big too (although I know scans can be a little off) so am worried if I go into labour I may not be able to get them out and have expressed this to my consultant however there is little they can do as they're never going to know when I'll go into labour.

I would definitely try asking them again to get your notes and say you're concerned about this - for them too it's a medical issue. Do you have details of your old midwife who could help? X

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I wouldn't worry too much. I went into labor my last pregnancy and this one, 1 week exactly from my scheduled csection. No big deal, when you get to the hospital you go straight into surgery as a priority. I'm also at risk for rupturing since it was my third csection in 5 years

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I wouldn't be happy at all if the hospital didn't request my notes !!!
I had my 3rd c-section 10 months ago and had to go to a different hospital due to needing to see all sorts of doctors, the first thing my consultant done was request my notes.
I was also seen more often even though my pregnancy was going smoothly.
Demand that they request your notes, you shouldn't be made to worry your whole pregnancy, its not fair on you x

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