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Recovery after second c section

Hi ladies.
I just had my second section late on 5th June. My waters broke but no labour started and they could not induce due to previous section scar. With
My first I was induced after waters broke and laboured to 8cm over 22hrs before a section. I found this extremely hard on my body.
However I expected recovery to be easier this time around as it was the closest thing to an elective section. It was unfortunately a very rough procedure where they had to use forceps and a lot of force to get my daughter out. I felt fine the first day but since then I have been in agony with pain, can barely move or pick my baby up. It's really impacting on me emotionally. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced recovery this bad and slow and does anyone have a positive ending too share?

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Hi Libby4snoopy,

Congratulations!! I love the newborn stage because they are so cuddly and small.

My second Section sounds exactly like yours! The baby had entered my birth canal, so on the scheduled date they had to use forceps and practically were using my body for leverage... It was quite brutal.

The healing process was a little bit different event though I knew what to expect. My DH would bring the baby to me for the first couple of days because I couldn't get out of bed. Then when I could I found it easier to do anything if I had high rise leggings or a loose belly band on. The pressure supported my muscles so I didn't have to use my abs as much. And putting a pillow against my stomach really helped when I was breast feeding...and if I needed to laugh.

It gets better very soon. I felt bad constantly telling DD1 that I couldn't pick her up, but she could crawl on my lap or into bed with me.

Hope that helps!

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I hope my recovery is as easy as my first it seems like the second time around its much worse than first time around

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