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I had a c section 12 days ago and have slight swelling above the scar like a little overhang, it is going down and hopefully it will go soon as i didnt have it with my first i'm not oveweight and my skin is quite good not too loose! I'm very numb still in the area.

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Originally Posted by Starlight32 View Post
My skin is so wrinkly. Especially when I'm sitting or laying down. Does the skin ever somewhat go back? I'm 3 weeks postpartum.
It is likely it will still change hugely from what it looks like 3 weeks pp. I think it took mine a couple of months to get to settle and I didn't have a CS.

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Good to hear things might look better with my skin! it freaks me out a bit when sitting and laying down. It looks like a bunch of mush lol

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