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Pregnancy after a section

I'm not sure if this is the right placentre to post this. My daughter is nearly 22 months old. I had an emergency section due to her being op and becoming distressed!

I think I may be pregnant now (still waiting for my period to show on tuesday) but for the first time since I recovered from the section I'm getting pain across the front of my uterus, mostly like a stretching pain. Does this happen in pregnancy? (I'm currently reading into every sign and symptom as this would be a very unexpected pregnancy if af doesn't arrive!)

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Best thing to do is wait and do a test. The stretching feeling could be from anything. Maybe you over did it? Maybe your period is on its way and that's why you are getting these pains. Every month is different. Having said that I am due in 7 weeks, my daughter is 19 months at the moment, born via emergency Csection. This was a surprise, unplanned pregnancy, I did get some cramping and pulling around my scar area in the early stages of pregnancy. It soon got better though once my body had adjusted to growing another little lady. X

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My oldest was a Csection almost 5 1/2 years ago, and with #2s pregnancy and #3s, I will occasionally get a pulling, ouchy feeling across my scar. I just chalk it up to the scar tissue trying to stretch to accommodate a growing baby. Its never been too painful so I havent worried about it. It could be anything, weird cramps, a pulled muscle, body getting ready to grow a baby...

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