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Pain above incision, 3 weeks PP

I am 3 weeks PP after my third C-section. My incision was very painful for the first week, much better for the second week, and now it is numb. I experienced this with my other two Cs, so I'm not bothered by that. What's different this time is that the region between my belly button and the incision is extremely painful. I have a pretty sizeable PP bump left over in this area, and it sort of hangs over my incision. There are tons of new stretch marks on the underside of said bump, and that's where the pain is the worst.

Why would the area ABOVE my incision hurt so badly? There are no signs of infection (redness or bruising, etc), and my OB said my incision itself looked perfect during my 2-week PP visit.

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I had a lot of pain above my incision. I still have it but it's not as bad. Six week checkup is this week and I am going to ask about it so I'll update if the ob says anything of interest.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

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I had the same thing. That area is also still quite tender And still quite numb! I am 9 And a half Weeks pp.

My ob said that the area is still tender And sore cos everything is still swollen And healing inside. It is getting better as the days go by.

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I'm in the same position, though I'm only 2 weeks out. Everything else feels good except for a ~1 inch high by 6 inch wide band above the incision. I've noticed my puffiness gets worse over the course of the day so I think a lot of it is due to swelling. I don't have a full abdominal binder, but I have been wearing a small support band that I used during pregnancy right around that spot. It's like a short elastic bandage with bra hooks, and provides just a little bit of compression. It does seem to help.

I had breast reduction surgery in 2008, and I remember it took a good 2 months before all of the incision swelliing and tenderness left completely. I'm hoping that's the case here.

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