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Hi there! I have had 2 c-sections. The first one was an emergency, and the second one was elective.
I got pregnant with DD2 just 4 days shy of DD1 turning 1. I had shot for a VBAC, and had DD2 not continuously flipped and ending up breech, I would have gotten the VBAC.
The second section was a much better experience. Much more relaxed and calm. heck, much to the surgeon and my doctors dismay, my doula had me full on laughing on the OR table. I am a bit mad I had to have the section, but a t the same time, everything worked out better for me, including the healing.

Edit: I also mention. At 8 months PP, DH and I am looking to start TTC #3.

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I was hoping for a few more replies lol.

My first was an emergency c-section in Nov 2007. Had a successful drug free VBAC in June 2010, another drug free vaginal in April 2013. Then was pregnant again as a surrogate and had an emergency c-section in April 2016, which was actually super rough and traumatic, I didn't freeze properly and could feel most of the surgery towards the end, as well as the staples going in. Awful!

And here I am, 4 months later, 4 weeks pregnant!! Ahhhh! I don't have the answer lol.

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I had an unscheduled section in July 2010. The baby and I both had complications (including with the epidural/pain management). I healed well, and surprisingly quickly. While I was never given an order by my dr on how long to wait, we planned on a couple of years. Since then, I've had 4 mc and an ectopic, but have also had laproscopy, hysteroscopy, D&C, salpingectomy and they have found no issues with lesions or scar tissue. So, the initial section didn't have any effect on future pregnancy, BUT I will have a second if all works out with this bean because of the continued "trauma" to my uterus.

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I had an emergency with my first, 3.5 years ago, fell pregnant 7 months later, and had an elective 17 months later. I'm now TTC for number three, and it'll be 2 years later. x

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