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Glad u feel alright
Easier to cope with busy if u feel ok xxx
Diets can wait till I'm recovered
Before Xmas be a silly time to start it anyway

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So a big pro is not having to go through painful labor and contractions. If I had to do it all over again I would have requested a section both times! With my first, my water broke 4 days before my due date and I had to be induced. I was begging for my epidural because contractions were so bad and I finally got to get it at 4cm. My son was born vaginally but there were a few issues when his heart rate dropped a few times. With my second same thing happened again, water broke a week early, was induced, had painful contractions, her heart rate was dropping and I felt like I had to push but I was only 5cm so the doctor had me go in for a c-section. Yes there was pain afterward in recovery, but if I ever had a third (which is like 1% chance of happening but still) I would do a c-section again. Beats having to go through painful labor.

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Love reading some of these positice stories,I've had a vaginal delivery and recovery was 2 months as hax so many with twins and will be very likely to have a section as most are so hearing how much quicker some of you recovered is awesome,glad all went well. X

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