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Originally Posted by Natty_babez View Post
How can you manage to split the scar ??? Is there anything you can do to encourage quicker healing ?

Is bending over ok ? Sorry for all the questions just trying to prepare myself some people in work have made it out like it's terrible recovery is awful and I'll be able to do nothing

Originally Posted by Natty_babez View Post
Are you able to pick your baby up for example at night time and things like that how easy is it to get up or get out of bed and go and pick the baby up ?

I know I was surprised you don't stay in longer but she said as long as I'm fine going to the toilet there's no need to stay in she said once the numbness goes away they encourage you to get out of bed and move around.

Is there any way at all the stitches can split or tear ? Are there restrictions to going up and down stairs ?

You should be able to pick up your baby and take care of him/her. You just have to be watchful of moving slowly and carefully. One thing the visiting midwife told me later was to gently roll onto my side and get out of bed sideways, rather than trying to sit straight up. If you take these precautions and listen to your body (don't push through pain) then it's extremely unlikely that your scar will tear.

I know you said your partner may not be able to be at home, but I would definitely have him try to get more days off around that time. Or, if that's not possible, maybe his work would allow him to come in a bit later and leave a bit earlier so he could at least take your daughter to school? That way at least you wouldn't have to worry about leaving the house.

I hope I didn't scare you more with my mentioning of the pain I had, but I do think that when discussing sections, it is important to really keep in mind the reality that it is major surgery and be realistic about what one might face and the rest and recuperation that is needed afterward.

You'll be able to soldier through... just have realistic expectations and only do as little as possible. Have things set up around the house for your ease. And depending on your daughter, maybe there might be some little things she could do to help you and at the same time make her feel helpful and involved? Like even if it were things like bringing you a glass of water. Stuff like that.

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I had an emergency and a planned section.

With my emergency I had to stay in and ended up discharging myself as I really struggled with looking after my daughter as the pain was bad and my husband wasn't allowed to stay. The hospital were really short staffed and I didn't have the help I needed as I struggled lifting dd out of the cot (although she was also a huge baby). My recovery was actually really good though with her - by four weeks I felt well as such in terms of being able to do everything without it hurting but I didn't rest up as advised until my six week check.

With my planned section I had my son at 2.22pm and was discharged the next day and my husband was allowed to stay the night with me in the hospital which helped so much.

I couldn't feel anything once the spinal was in - it does feel like a long time after they've got the baby out that you're still lying there though as they have to do a lot of stitching but they will weigh the baby and do everything in front of you so you can see. There's just a lot of pushing on your belly to get baby out but it doesn't hurt or anything. I did suffer from anxiety before the section as you know what's going to happen but once they started I was fine.

They will put a catheter in that will have to stay in for a while until you get full feeling back in your legs.

You'll spend a little time in the recovery room after the section whilst they just check your obs.

You will still bleed from your vagina!! I never knew that!!

I found the pain with the scar was OK after about two weeks. The first few days I struggled with getting up, say from the sofa, and the worst part was standing up straight as it felt like a burning pain and it was enough for me to be saying ow ow ow but once I was up I was ok. Don't lift anything heavier than your baby for the first six weeks and don't twist or turn as this can cause infection and possibly open the scar although I think the latter is rare.

I really believe in keeping moving after the section, I really think just little walks to go get a drink, rather than always relying on hubby, really helped me to feel better sooner and with him only having a few weeks off work I needed to be up and moving!

The section didn't impact on bonding with the baby or breast feeding.

I did make a lot of meals and froze them which I really suggest you do! Meant that hubby just had to put them in the oven and we were eating healthily without having to do anything.


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I had an emergency and a planned section which took place 9 days ago. My emergency one was fine, I was up and walking the next morning and recovered fine. This time round, I had alot of adhesions which made the delivery more difficult and had to have a catheter in for 72 hours due to some damage on my bladder so the first three days I was in excruciating pain. But 9 days on I am walking fine, can pick my baby up with no issues. I'm not in any pain. It's strange but I find light activity strengthens the recovery and everyone can't believe I had a section not that long ago.

The only advice I will give is listen to your body and if you are in pain then slow down and rest. Also keep up with pain killers even if you aren't in much pain.

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I am about to have my 6th c/s. I didn't find any of them to be bad in any way! I agree with pp, the sooner you start moving and the more light activity, the better!
Once the meds are in and you go into surgery, you'll feel nothing except a little tugging (similar to baby moving around inside!)

Then they kept the epidural in, and gave me meds through that for about 12 hrs I soon as the numbness wore off they had me up & about and it was surprisingly not painful - as long as you take the prescribed medicine by the clock! Don't wait until one wears off, because it takes 30 min for the next to kick in, and there's this burning sensation while waiting for the meds to kick in! Not fun, but not the worst pain ever, either.
A trick is to hold a pillow over your scar area when sneezing, coughing, getting up or anything like that. It helps!
I was discharged 48 hrs after surgery (but have the option of staying 5 days, I just felt ready to go!)

I was told not to lift anything heavier than baby, no sex (but we didn't wait that long), no baths or submerging in water (swimming), showers only, until 6 week check up. They also told me no driving until I was off the pain meds, I was only on them for a few days though.

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I've had 2 c sections both planned due to health reasons.
First section with Isabelle wasnt to bad the cannula in my hand hurt more than the spinal I remember that! Couldn't feel any pain whilst theu were doing it felt more like a lot of pulling about and pressure on your stomach whilst they were getting her out. Straight after they stitched me up went into recovery, anaesthetics don't go down well with me they make me very sick! Felt better once I had eaten I felt much better. Recovery wasn't to bad idid get a small infection in my scar but it went very quickly.
I really enjoyed the experience

Second section with daisy was a lot harder personally. I had GD and during the section my sats were all over the place and they took 3 attempts to get the spinal in and working (I have scolisos). I caught a bad infection which didn't completely heal till 6 months later and my scar spkit because I was really over doing it this time round tom went back to work 3 days after I came home and I really was naughty doing things I shouldn't like hoovering the stairs etc my own fault but I felt bad him doing it after getting in from work silly I know!

Despite that I would do it all again in a heart beat x

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What can you feel while their doing it ?

Is the scar sore were they stitch you back up afterwards ?

What can and can't you do after a c section ?

Are you in a lot of pain afterwards ?[/QUOTE]

I didn't feel a lot. A bit of a tugging sensation and at one point I had a bad pain in my chest like I was going to have an asthma attack but I told the anaesthetist and he just topped up my pain meds

Honestly didn't have much pain around the scar. Just keep on top of the meds. I couldn't walk the day after as it was too painful to stand up but I was ok in the hospital bed. I went home after two days and carried the car seat out of the hospital so that shows how much I recovered in the space of 2 days. I was on pain meds when I got home and as long as I kept up with them I managed the pain. I don't remember any pain really but I'm assuming there must have been some. I was able to look after the baby. Can't drive for 6 weeks and walking properly is tricky for a bit.

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Ive had two planned c sections and each time the surgery has gone well, felt no pain just pulling and pushing i felt a bit sick this last time and i got very itchy! Didnt feel the spinal go in at all as they put local anasthetic in that stings a bit but not too bad i'm a wimp!
They do enhanced recovery now so they get you home the next day, i couldnt bend too well to begin with but had no problem in picking my baby up and doing nappies, feeding etc. the next day i was going to collect my own dinner from the ward kitchen! It is painful afterwards and i was frustrated I couldn't do as much as i wanted too, they say dont pick up anything heavier than your baby and make sure you dont as you may feel ok but you can do more damage! overall i had positive experiences, my stomach is still numb now but the scar looks great and has healed well.

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I had an emergency c-section in June 2015, I don't have anything to compare it to yet as that was my first birth.

I'd had an epidural before they decided I needed the EMCS, so they topped that up and I remember really panicking at the time that I'd be able to feel it because I'd still felt contractions through the epidural. The anaesthetist was very patient with me even though I was totally freaking out (I was terrified of having the c-section) and thoroughly made sure I couldn't feel anything.

I think I did feel a slight tugging sensation when they were getting baby out, but it didn't feel any different really to lighter kicks from baby. Definitely no pain during the procedure and you can't feel them cutting or stitching.

It did feel like I was laid there for a long while after whilst baby was on other side of the room being checked and I was being stitched up. I didn't like that I couldn't see him straight away but it probably wasn't as long as it felt. I had a bad reaction to something though as felt incredibly nauseous after and they had to give me something for that because I just felt Like I was just about to vomit the whole time and I couldn't focus on anything else, they think it was a reaction to some of the medication and/or possibly mild shock as I lost a lot of blood.

Once I was stitched up and baby had been checked the nurses were very good about taking pics of DH, baby and me and they took us back to the labour room. It was just after 11pm so I stayed overnight on labour ward and they let DH stay with me (he slept on a recliner chair) so he could help with baby.

I got moved across to maternity the next morning, but I don't think they took the catheter out until the morning after that so I wasn't allowed out of bed. I couldn't get baby out of the crib thing by myself whilst I was still in bed so DH had to hand him to me, I didn't really have any trouble breastfeeding but would definitely recommend a breastfeeding pillow.

DH had to leave by 10pm so overnight after I'd just had the c-section I used to just buzz the nurses and they'd come hand baby to me in the night and if he needed nappy changes they'd either offer to do it or they'd pop him on the bed in front of me (on his changing mat) so that I could do it.

Once the catheter was out I was encouraged to get up and about and start light activity but I did find it very painful for the first few days - I was ok when stood up or sat down but the movement to stand up or sit down really hurt and I struggled getting in and out of bed. I struggled with my first shower too.

I did heal quickly once I was home and I had no trouble lifting baby and he was 10lb 8oz so quite big lol. I did end up trying to do too much when I got home though because DH only had a few days of paternity leave left and so I was trying to cook, clean, take care of newborn etc by myself and I should have asked for more help from my extended family instead of just saying I was fine

At our hospital they usually keep you for 4/5 days following a c-section, I was kept in a bit longer because my son was transferred to NICU 2 days after his birth as he was poorly but I think maternity unit discharged me after 6 days and I went into a flat on NICU until he came home a few days later X

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