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Congratulations. I'm glad you had your baby, before reading my I did not enjoy the experience, to say the least. I actually had the opposite experience regarding post baby pooping. I had diarrhea.

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Thanks for the update and congrats on your baby!!

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Will I feel anything with the spinal?
they numbed the area for me so didn't feel anything, just a little dizzy but over in a flash

Is there likely to be a member of staff in theatre that will take photos as baby is being born if I give them a camera?
thankfully our surgeon allowed video and pics so we had a spare midwife who did that from belly end and then to me when I had skin to skin straight away

Is delayed cord clamping a possibility? I don't think so, but they cut it longer so that they can squeeze extra blood down to baby

Is immediate skin to skin a possibility?
it was for me! if everything is ok with baby they come straight on to you same as with natural... was amazing

Am I likely to hemorrhage (I did with both my girls)? sorry I don't know anything about this, but I was hooked up to a cell salvage machine which circulates any blood you lose back into your body cleaned, may be worth asking about?

How long once baby is out until I am likely to be taken back to the ward? diff for each hospital, you're on a drip for 4 hours after so just you hubby and baby for that time, I had an extra hour on labour ward due to scar weeping, then on ward family could come and been the baby

How long until the spinal wears off and how bad is the pain? I can't remember, I don't remember it being too bad though, you're on paracetomol and ibuprofen though which takes the edge off (if you forget to take some, which I did when I got home it's agony) so don't forget! I was feeling great after a week and driving after 3! think with elective the recovery seems to be quicker

How much will I be able to do through the first night on my own? need hubby to pick baby up as you're not allowed to twist or lift at first, or midwife can help, but I feed straight away couldn't stand up till the next day!

Should I be worried about going to the toilet for both afterwards like with a vaginal delivery (I get the stinging shouldn't be there but wasn't sure if it would hurt to push if needed)? I don't remember it hurting... had a catheter for about 24hrs tho

Does it take longer for milk to come in? nope! was fine for me, came in with a vengeance day 3!!! ouch!

Since I cannot use my leg to stand and I am relying on my stomach muscles to get up and into a chair etc, is healing going to take longer? sorry not sure, hopefully not, midwife and hubby should help you to get around!

How often do they put a drain in? I didn't have a drain with mine, but my friend did, I think it depends on how surgery goes. elective is normally a lot simpler though

Is there anything that will be really useful for hospital that I won't have thought of? high wasted loose fitting pants/trouser/pj's so they don't press on your scar

Have you got any advice or think there is something a first timer could do with knowing? coughing and sneezing is a b*tch in the first week, and laughing! curl up to minimise pain! it's all part of the fun though

I am pregnant with my second and am really toying with having another elective as it was such a fantastic experience!! not knowing any different it felt so natural and I was surprise how much I could do and how much I still bonded etc! all the best!!

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