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Elective C-section, was it hard for your doctor to accept this request?

Hello ladies!

I am only 13 weeks pregnant, but I have so much to think about and plan out, one of them of course is labor and delivery. I live in New York City, and apparently it's really hard here to get a c-section by choice. I have so many things in mind that keep me from being able to cope with vaginal birth, including documented anxiety/panic issues that I deal with when under unexpected or on the spot situations, I'd love to be able to control this, but it is beyond me, I lock down completely, I lose my breath, my blood pressure goes out of control, etc.

I look forward to counseling as a way to try and be ready if my request for c-section fails, but I'd really like to have a choice and say and have some time to plan things out and know the date and everything about my baby's arrival rather than dealing with it on the spot and not know what to expect. I don't think I am able to control the way my mind and body will react since it is something mental and hard to keep down when under stressed and unplanned events.

I can already hear my doctor trying to convince me and let me know that it is a must to plan for vaginal birth over c-section no matter what.

If you had a c-section by choice, was it hard to convince your doctor?

I'm thinking I might have to hope a few different hospitals until I find someone willing to give me what I want

Please let me know your experience.

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I'm in Australia and my husband was being deployed overseas pretty much on my due date so I elected a c section and they were fine, no questions at all. It was booked for 2 weeks before he deployed for 8 months. Maybe in certain situations like yours they will be understanding of your wishes

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Have you considered going private? Then you can have whichever birth option you choose?

Seriously though, I have anxiety and panic issues that are pretty much identical to yours. Unexpected and unplanned things happening etc. I had a natural birth first and a section second. I would strongly urge you to go natural unless there is an medical need for a section. My natural birth was controlled and went exactly as I wanted it to. It was a calm experience I look back on with nostalgia, my section was nothing short of horrific.

And unfortunalty preganancy, child brith and parenting (mine are now 5&3) is nothing but unplanned, on the spot and unexpected. Even if you do have a section!

it's major (MAJOR) abdominal surgery that is more traumatic for your baby also!

Good luck xx

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Exactly what ^she said.
I too suffer extremely from medical anxiety .
I had an emergency c-section the first time and was under general (missed my daughter's birth) and opted for elective second time. IT WAS TERRIFYING and a HORRIFYING experience. I never ever ever want to go through that again, so much so that we were done, no more kids. And then I got pregnant on birth control and here I am absolutely terrified of another c-section because they won't let me try vbac since I've had 2 c-sections ...
The spinal was scary, you immediately can't feel your legs and the numbness creeps up you, until you feel like it's in your chest and you can't breathe. Knowing they are cutting you but you can't see is awful, smelling your flesh burn as they use cautery to prevent bleeding, feeling them yank and tug and push and pull is awful also.

I don't mean to scare you BUT it is major abdominal surgery. Second time around my recovery was hell.. they cut into a nerve and I had the worst pain when doing anything even just breathing or peeing, so bad I thought I would pass out a few times. I had to go back and they injected long needles into my abdomen with pain meds to try to numb the nerve (it didn't work) and also my "dissolvable" staples started coming out and my incision opened.

I couldn't hold my second daughter against me for months because of the pain!

I do think every woman should get a choice in their delivery however I think everyone looks at a c-section like no big deal surgery. But it IS a big deal . People do die during surgery including c-sections (although it's rare) and they have to give you injections of medication so you don't get clots afterwards..
A c-section is scary and unknown and risky and scary! Please be well informed before choosing one over vaginal birth!!

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It can be very hard dealing with anxiety..I understand that. As for csections, I agree with the previous posters. The recovery is awful and the spinal is scary as Frick haha
Things can go wrong. For my second, the spinal didn't work and I felt them cut me. They then had to put me under and I missed my baby's birth.

But on the side of that, my other csections were SO relaxed. So wonderful. In the last one everyone was in a happy mood. The anesesiologist was dancing behind me which really comforted me. Anytime I asked him questions he would peek over the curtain and tell me what was going on. My husband was there to hold me and make jokes with me. I just enjoyed it.... except for recovery which I already said haha. Awful. Make sure you keep up with your pain meds! I missed a time once and that's something you don't forget!!

Either way, what's most important is that you and baby are healthy!

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