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C-Section Apron Is Sooooo Saggy and heavy!!

Had my c-section a week ago and im just horrified by how much swelling ive had all over my body ( prob the fluids i know) but what I'm mega mega upset about is how much of a saggy overhang ive got. It's so heavy to carry around and worse of all its completely numb!

Now, I weighed more in my last pregnancy and put on more but never had so much fat bulge like this. It's really getting me down.
I'm actually a fitness intructor and planned to go back to work at some point this year but feel like my hopes are dashed. I know my body will have changed after pregnancy but not to this degree. The swelling of my legs and ankles, combined with this heavy overhang actually makes me look bigger than i did just a week ago when i was pregnant. Its really messing my head up. I don't want to see anyone and i dont plan to go out for a long time - im scared.

It feels like my lower stomach doesn't belong to me and even when i look in the mirror it feels that way. My son did stretch me out and i did have a massive bump that i carried very low, so im guessing now that baby isnt there its hit the floor so to speak.

I had a post c section stomach before i got pregnant and shaped it up as best as i could, which i was happy about but my belly now looks like it has no hope.
I can't sit down comfortably because of my stomach not really the scar! Basically, my lower stomach falls halfway over my pubic bone.

Anyone else had/have this and its got better? I can't wear anything that hides it either. My oh says he loves me no matter what etc but i just cant bring myself to ever make love to him again, not like this. Ive had a really shit recovery from c-section too, so my focus is pulled away from baby and i really cant help it. I need hope.

I am eating clean and cut down significantly on sugar now, plus tracking my calories on myfitnesspal app.

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Yay for MFP!

But yes, very upsetting. I have the same issue. It's making my baby bump look disfigured because of how it hangs

Either way, give it time. You won't feel so hopeless in a little while. You'll be able to work it off.

Also, take a look this thread for inspiration. It has helped me a lot!

Dreaded overhang? Check my pictures out! *Updated december 2011*

Congrats on your baby!! I hope you can heal up soon and feel more like yourself!

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I was like this exactly after dd2.. the swelling was unreal and even my abdomen was swollen. Did you receive a belly binder by chance? Those are miracle workers in my opinion. My sister never got one with her c-section a few months ago which is surprising to me i thought every c-section got one.
Anyway, the swelling will subside , mine eventually did, although I feel like it took weeks.. and 9 months pp I finally felt my stomach was flat again!!! Course now I'm pregnant again and terrified of the damage to come!!

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Congratulations on your new arrival!!

I just want to encourage you because I'm heading towards section #3 so I know all about the dreaded over hang... Your body just went through a lot! You carried a baby and just underwent major surgery, you'll feel a lot better in about 2 more weeks.

It has only been 1 week since your section, so it is definitely partly swelling. Also, as pp said, look into the belly wrap to help with contracting your tummy down. Also, breast feeding helped me a lot. This time around i plan to get back to pre-pregnancy size [before I had any children].

I understand that it can be discouraging, especially for someone that is passionate about fitness. I hope you begin to feel better and motivated.

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It will go down quite a bit! You're still very fresh from surgery.

I bet mine is way worse than yours, if it makes you feel any better. 3 sections and it hangs down and touches my thighs.

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