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I had my emergency c-section last Thursday. It's not horrible, but I have quite a high pain tolerance. I am just taken ibuprofen since I left the hospital, never even filled the narcotic prescription. It is hard to get up from a sitting/lying position, I feel like I am tugging on stitches at times. I also have a 2 story house, so stairs are really difficult and I try to not go up and down often, even though my bathroom is upstairs & I am usually downstairs. Definitely get up and walking, try to get that gas out of your belly. I take stool softeners to help in that department, which would be difficult no matter how you had your baby. I still think the worst part of the whole thing was the epidural, took the doctor 3 times to get it in because of my spine (he kept thinking I had scoliosis). Once it was in, I was fine, but oh boy, that flipping hurt!

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Old Jun 11th, 2017, 06:49 AM   12
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I wasn't in any pain really after my section, or maybe I was a little out of it. I remember being given fentanyl but I hated it so much I refused it afterwards. I was given Percocet and maybe Motrin (for inflammation) but didn't like the Percocet so I started refusing that as well. That was a mistake as I got into a lot of pain so I only took half doses every 6-8 hours instead of the full dose every 4. i never cried from the pain, it was only ever at a moaning level. The first time I was taken to see my baby (NICU) I was in a wheelchair. I walked after that. The hardest thing for me was getting out of bed. USE YOUR ARMS!!! Roll onto your side and pull yourself up or lower yourself down with your arms. The drive home was intense. I never realized how much you use your stomach to stabilize yourself in the car. Whoever is driving you, have then keep a significant distance between the cars ahead because sudden braking sucks. Take corners slow. I was sitting in the back with our baby and got quite mad at my husband for not warning me about a bump so I could brace myself. I hope I didn't make it sound too awful. Honestly what bothered me most was the swelling. I was pumped so full of IV fluids (on top of pregnancy swelling) and the swelling was soooo bad that I complained about it more than the pain from the section. I would never elect to have a section but now that I've had one they don't scare me anymore.

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I had a c section a week ago as an emergency after 12 hours of labour and a failed forceps delivery. I'm still in excruciating pain. I've been back to the doctor for stronger pain killers as the pain hasn't seemed to get better at all. Every now and then I get a sensation like being stabbed with hot knives. I'm looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm finding things very difficult trying to look after the baby while in all this pain. Most people seem to say the worst of the pain goes after 2 to 3 weeks, so I am hoping that will be the same with me as the pain is quite often unbearable. Maybe my age (44) doesn't help. Having had 4 previous vaginal births, I can honestly say this one was the worst experience of childbirth that l have had

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I just had one 11 days ago and honestly it wasn't that bad. I was more freaked out by all the needles, but I have a needle phobia. I also was more phased by the nausea but I don't handle anesthesia well...I was sick for a few hours afterward. I was pretty well managed from pain with ibuprofen and Percocet. They also gave me a heating pad which was the most helpful thing for my back and the cramping. I would say by the time I left the hospital I was feeling pretty good. I am doing really well nearly two weeks on, doing my normal routine with no pain meds.

Mine was scheduled and very low key. Was in and out in 40 minutes. I would do it again the same way, no regrets. I trusted my doctor and his reasoning for my csection (I have a bladder condition that he was concerned would be made much worse by a vaginal birth). I really didn't want to labor and then end with a csection, from all the stories I've heard that seems to be harder than a planned csection.

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I had my son 5 years ago via csection and I'm getting a planned one with this pregnancy. Please consider the difference between a PLANNED and unplanned section. Everyone I know who had an unplanned section went through hell. With the planned, it could go either way.
My section was fine - I got the spinal block which went fine. 15 mins and my son was out. I got stitches not staples. I delivered Monday afternoon and was discharged Thursday afternoon. They made me get up to walk the next morning - that was the hardest part for me as it felt like my insides would spill out lol. Hold a pillow against your belly when walking the first time - it helps.
I took Percocet and I stayed ON TOP of it so that really helped my pain. My son was a master nurser so the meds didnt affect him much.
My mum stayed with me 6 weeks and that was a SUPER help - dont know how rough it wouldve been without her. I started feeling like my old self around 4 weeks.

Csection experiences are very varied - mine wasnt a big deal at all.

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Snowbelle - hang in there, it does get better. However​, if you're still in that much pain, go ahead and be the squeaky wheel at your doc. My csection, I was in some discomfort but a Percocet/Tylenol rotation kept me feeling somewhat ok. It was more sore than shooting pain.

My C-section wasn't that's bad. Honestly, the biggest factor that made the first two months pretty bad (yes), was that my baby had latching issues and even with a nipple shield he napped an hour at best before waking to feed. The pain was barely on my radar compared to the sleep deprivation. I still have some of the prescription painkiller left over because I didn't need it all.

Msbene - True, there is a difference between emergency and scheduled sections. Also, having help makes a world of a difference!

Stay on top of your meds, get up and move but don't overdo it, and ask for help whenever possible! Seriously, with my next (VBAC is highly discouraged in my neck of the woods), I'm gonna tell people to not visit me in the hospital, but instead come to my house so that can help, hold the baby and let me nap!

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Old Jun 20th, 2017, 17:16 PM   17
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I've had an emergency, and two planned c-sections. All have been fine, nowhere near as painful as I imagined. Yes you are sore for a few days, but it fades really quickly. My emergency wasn't any more painful than the planned ones.

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Old Jun 24th, 2017, 04:12 AM   18
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I didn't find recovery painful at all but they kept pumping me up on drugs even though I told them I didn't want them. Sent me home with a ton of Tramadol too which sat in the medicine cupboard for months on end unopened before I threw the damn things out. I think the most painful part of recovery after my emergency section was moving my bowels, sneezing and coughing. I felt like I was turning inside out.

Recovery in general was pretty cruisy and felt very little (if any) pain. But I have a high thresh hold for pain too so I don't think I'm any good in regards to advice for you.

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