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I had my emergency c-section last Thursday. It's not horrible, but I have quite a high pain tolerance. I am just taken ibuprofen since I left the hospital, never even filled the narcotic prescription. It is hard to get up from a sitting/lying position, I feel like I am tugging on stitches at times. I also have a 2 story house, so stairs are really difficult and I try to not go up and down often, even though my bathroom is upstairs & I am usually downstairs. Definitely get up and walking, try to get that gas out of your belly. I take stool softeners to help in that department, which would be difficult no matter how you had your baby. I still think the worst part of the whole thing was the epidural, took the doctor 3 times to get it in because of my spine (he kept thinking I had scoliosis). Once it was in, I was fine, but oh boy, that flipping hurt!

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