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Sharp internal pain after c section

I am getting this horrible pain on one side of my section... Not on the external stitching but internally. It is quite sharp and its making caring for baby difficult, specially when burping him and rocking him to sleep. Don't know what to do. Has anyone experienced this? Is it something to be concerned about? How long did it last before it came right? Thanks

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I had this with my second section , I had a haematoma from doing too much . As long as the scar is clean , not red or hot and you feel well ie no fever or unusual discharge then you can rule out infection. Use a Heat pad and take an anti inflammatory pain relief xxx

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I had the same thing. It did take a good month to sort itself out, perhaps longer (it's a year ago so the memory has faded...). I asked my GP about it (he was the assisting surgeon) and he said once the majority of the incision has been stitched it's hard to see what you're catching with the needle (they stitch "inside out") and sometimes a bit of muscle is caught up in the stitching. I'm not sure how it gets better, perhaps the muscle stretches to accommodate it?! We were living in an upstairs apartment then and the 40 steps to our front door definitely made it worse. Hang in there and congrats on your little person xx

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