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I have had 3 c-sections and bounced back pretty fast, by the 2nd-3rd day after each I was out of bed walking around fine and I barely took pain meds. I would recommend that even if you feel good try not to overdue it. The day i was released after my 3rd I went to Walmart, walked around feeling fine but about an hour later I felt horrible

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I've had 2 planned sections.. with daisy my youngest I was back doing the walk to the nursery 4 6 day PP... we live rural so lots of hills.. tom is self employed so had no
Choice but to go back to work just a few days after we was discharged from hospital it was hard going though as my scar was
Infected and tbh I felt like crap but had to be done, so hard to rest when you have other children to look after and a house to run xx

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With any of my previous surgeries, including a c section, I've followed the Drs orders for when I can drive again. The concern is not so much your pain level but your ability to react quickly in an emergency and the damage an accident may have on you of not healed yet. I felt good after my c section, which was an easier recovery than my hip replacement, but it's still major abdominal surgery. You can certainly walk and do light work at your own pace but also give your body a chance to rest. Even when you feel good, there are deeper layers that are still healing. Just listen to your body, listen to your Dr, and be kind to yourself!

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I don't remember how long it was for me but....I carried that kid breach, digging into my ribs, then had major surgery and have a permanent scar. I am not doing any housework any time soon, hubby can deal with that part for a while. I do see to remember that I was in pain for quite some time. I hear the second section has a faster recovery time but I can't see that happening for me, I deserve my rest.

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