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Fever after Csection

Am very nervous about this fever 99.9 that started after feeling chills and cold just now.

Had csection on 6/17 along with some other complications surgery inside. No fever before today.

Incision site has had some watery yellow discharge mostly when dabbed with tissue and was told by on call doc it was ok. One spot though has more of a discharge and some light pink yellow discharge.

Do I have an infection? Can I still be around baby and breastfeed? Waiting for doc to call back. Took Tylenol in meantime

Hubby is freaking out and upset I didn't take it easy and overdid it after csection which caused this....

Man wish I could get a break from all that this delivery caused me. I also lost lots blood during the surgery. It was rough emergency csection. I just want to get a break and heal

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Call your dr! Fever is one of the things that could indicate post op infection. Some drainage can be normal, some not so it's best to have that looked at again as well.

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