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Planned second c section - what is it like?

We are just starting to TTC and I am very nervous about another section. I had to have a c section with my first after pushing for over 4 hours. She wouldn't pass my pelvic bone. I would not try vbac if we have another.

What's a planned c section like after having a previous one?

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Personally we had a lovely experience, people think I am weird when I say that. As it was planned it wasn’t rushed and we were made to feel so special and given lots of time. I didn’t feel any pain and it was so calm and the surgeons and nurses were amazing. Told us when to get our camera ready what to take extra photos off. Do what feels right for you, I pushed to have my section and so glad I did now x

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No personal experience with c-sections, but I know most first c-sections are emergency which makes them more traumatic.

Most second time c-section moms that i know have a much much easier recovery and have no complaints about electing to do it at all. Plus I do agree, the peace of mind, just going in and knowing you're having a baby that day, makes for a peaceful birth experience.

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Agreed with above. I'm aiming for a VBaC this time after an emcs but have heard great things about elective sections. Better recovery and no stress. I think the fact it is a rush the first time is traumatic alone, planned sections are much calmer x

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I just had my second c section. I wanted Vbac but it just wasnít going to work out. My first section was awful but it was also an emergency. This one was planned and went so much better. Everything was great and the staff took my previous experience into consideration and really tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I canít speak on recovery as my comparison is probably something most havenít had to deal with. I am definitely up and moving but have to keep on pain meds. I feel itís better in some aspects but I am still struggling. I heard generally your second recovery is easier.

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