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Bladder after c section

I ended up having an emergency c section after getting to 10cm etc and I had a catheter in for about 27/28 hours after.
Since this I dont feel like my bladder is emptying properly and is a weak stream.
This was 4 weeks ago..
im beig treated for a uti for the second time since but just looking for anyone else thats been in this situation and what was the outcome??

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I’ve had a catheter a number of times in my life due to surgery, for over a day a couple of times and I know what you mean regarding your bladder feeling weak. The weakness for me never lasted more than a few days, so you should definitely talk to your doctor about it. If you still feel you can’t pee properly after the uti treatment has finished you should definitely go back. And keep doing your pelvic floor exercises religiously!

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