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Question about section + placenta

Hi all

I had my LLP rescan last week and it hadnt moved at all I'm booked for a section next week. The trouble is, ive laboured early each time and this is my third. If I start having contractions, will they get the baby out before my planned section just in case the placenta bleeds? I need to know whether to be ignoring period aches or not

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If your placenta is so low that they’re recommending a c section, then the usual advice would be to go to hospital as soon as you think labour is coming on. I guess if you’re not sure you should go to get checked out anyway. Ask your doctor about what the threshold is for you turning up at the hospital.

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If it comforts you, the anesthesiologist for mine told me he could have me under in 10 seconds if he needed to. There are a lot of moving parts to a C-section, yes, but they are experienced enough to move very quickly.

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