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VBAC Possibility!

I get to attempt a VBAC! My OB told me after my son was born via C-section that I was a good candidate for a VBAC. However, I'd have to travel to a specific different hospital and pick a new OB who could deliver there.

Fast forward to my first appointment this time. She told me our hospital allows VBACs as of November 2017! She said the United States group that defines birth regulations clarified some language that was restricting a lot of US hospitals from allowing VBACs. So if you were considering a VBAC but couldn't find a hospital to support it in the past, things might be changing!

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I work as a doula and here in Colorado you should be able to attempt VBAC anywhere. (Or atleast I haven't met any clients or heard stories of anyone being denied a try atleast) I remember when they were sewing me up during my C-Section that they said I would be able to attempt VBAC as well. I know the statistics for VBAC is that 80% of women who attempt VBAC are successful

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