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C-section and twisted uterus?

Ok I had a C-section in October 2016 due to the doctors thinking my son was a big baby of 5 kg but he was only a tad over 4 kg (I live in Denmark btw!). I btw went through unexplained infertility for 2+ years, had 6 failed medicated IUIs, an IVF that resulted in a CP and the 2nd IVF that resulted in my son.

I'm planning on NTNP for baby #2 around Fall 2018 since they recommended I wait 2 years before getting pregnant and started thinking about how the doctor and midwives at the hospital told me that I was definitely not a VBAC candidate although I can't remember why. Was also overwhelmed at being a new mom, having breastfeeding issues and the discomfort from the surgery. DH didn't remember the explanation either. I know there were complications during the surgery and I lost about 1.6 L of blood plus had a lot more amniotic fluid tan they thought.

I recently found my journal (it's all in Danish so won't bother to show it unless anyone can speak it ) but it says that after opening me, they discovered my uterus was rotated/twisted with very large blood vessel(s) (not sure if it's plural because of the way they're writing it). They tried to rotate in place but didn't succeed. I don't entirely understand the rest but it sounds like they did something to improve how my uterus is placed. It goes on to say my son's arm kept popping out and they had some problems getting him out. They succeeded but had to deliver him with his legs first. Plus it says farther down that I have a number of small fibroids.

Does anyone know if this could be why they recommended me to have a C-section if I get pregnant again? Will this make me getting pregnant more difficult?

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