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Repeat C-section Group

I would like to try connecting with other women who know they can only have C-sections (not VBAC candidates) or who have had repeat C-sections.

About me: I'm 38 years old (turning 39 in May), married for almost 9 years and we have an adorable 16 month old boy. I'm born in the USA and lived there the first 16 years of my life but moved to Denmark when I was 16 (my mother is Danish; long story why we moved!). DH and I went through unexplained infertility for a little over 2 years and went through 6 medicated IUIs (all BFNs) plus 2 IVFs with the first one resulting in a CP before conceiving our little boy who was born October 2016 via C-section. I had to have a c-section due to the doctors thinking he was a big baby but he turned out only being a little over 4 kg. Due to complications during the surgery, I was very strongly advised to wait 2 years before getting pregnant again. I have uterine torsion where the uterus rotates/twists during pregnancy so VBAC isn't an option for me. We're going to btw NTNP for baby #2 this Fall (September/October) and happy if we conceive ourselves and if not will just be extra happy about having our son

So anyone else who isn't a VBAC candidate would like to talk and support each other?

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