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Iíve had three children. My last was an emergency c section and I was put to sleep due to being dialated 7 and breach. Iím so scared for my second c section and I honestly would rather try v bac then get an epidural. I deal with some anxiety and Iíve heard you feel like you can breathe with the epidural 😔😔 Iím a strong woman but Iím nervous to get it if I have to have a c section. Any advice or experiences of ur own?

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I was induced both times due to hypertension, first time i laboured til about 9cm and had the epidural, second one I had the epi from the get go at my request and I would do that again for my next one. I never had any issues with the epi with breathing or whatever, only thing was the second time i could feel a bit of pain in my right hip as things got near to delivery (as in the epi wasnt quite working properly on that side) but I never felt pain actually delivering the baby. Afterwards recovery was fine, up and walking within a couple of hours. I'm actually scared of not having an epi while in labour!!

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