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C section and Tubal Ligation

Who's had it done at the same time?
This is my 3rd pregnancy, 4th baby (I've got twins) and we're done as pregnancy and my body do not get along. I'm planning on having the tubal when baby is born to get it all over with at the same time. What was recovery like and did you notice any difference between just a csection and the csec with the tubal?

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I did! It was fine, it took a little extra time in theatre but not much. Recovery was no different and I'm glad I had it done. So fun to not worry during sex.

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My friend just had a tubal after a c section and she's doing well. Recovery was a little longer for her this time around.

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My sister had this done after her 4th baby & she said she felt abit more tender than usual but nothing that continual Ibruprofen wasnt able to help ease.. def got easier after a few days, im planning on having my left tube snipped after this one, i lost my right tube in 2013 due to tubal pg, im hoping for an smooth recovery

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