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Preparing for third csection plus a tubal and

Super, super nervous.
I have had pre-eclampsia with every pregnancy. My first csection was traumatic and I almost died on the table. They had to rush my hubby and newborn son out of the room to save me. Recovery was awful, my scar re-opened in three spots for 2 and a half months. It was just a bad experience
The second time around, my blood pressure dropped to 50/40, they had three IV's in and one person on each side squeezing blood pressure meds and fluid into me. I threw up and almost passed out. I was in surgery for two and a half hours. Recovery wasn't to bad.

I have been diagnosed with pre-e again this time and scheduled for csection at 37+1 on June 11th and I am so nervous my blood pressure will do the same again. I'm scared.

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Hi hun! Your births sound very traumatic! I can understand why you're nervous! I'm going for my third c section on the 11th as well
Both of my previous c sections have been planned and very straight forward. I would recommend telling your Dr and anesthesiologist about what happened and what you're hoping for this time around.

I hope everything goes okay for you! I will be thinking of you! I just started feeling a bit nervous and have come down with a cold but I'm sure everything will work out!

Good luck hun

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Hi ladies I am just checking in on you. I hope all went well with ur 3rd csections. I will be having my 3rd next feb as I just found out I am pregnant again. Just looking for encouragement. Congrats on the new babies

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