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an elcs is a different experience compared to an emcs. You will be / are fine everything is explained, nothing feels rushed and overall a more relaxed experience compared to being rushed in, quickly told something then all of a sudden baby is here

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Originally Posted by pichi View Post
congrats! it's so strange that they'd rather you have a section than a VBAC where it's the opposite here. Hope your 2nd little one behaves for you and lets you get that VBAC
VBACS are not common in North America. In Canada, the literature makes it sound like the hospitals are pro-VBAC but when I looked up rates it is actually quite low. In the 30s%.

I had an emergency section under general anasthetic with my son back in 2011. He was in distress from the moment I arrived at the hospital so it wasn't the interventions that caused it. The doctor did her best to get me to deliver naturally but his heart rate crashed and stayed there for several minutes so I had to have a section. My epidural didn't work and there wasn't time to do it again so that's why I had to be knocked out.

It all happened so quick that DH wasn't given a chance to get into his scrubs so he wasn't in the room either. He was just handed DS while they were stitching me up. If he hadn't taken photos I would have missed all of my son's first moments. But I was surprisingly OK with it all. It was a complicated pregnancy and I almost lost him a couple of times so I was just happy to see him alive.

Though this time I am hoping to be awake and present for my child's arrival whether it be VBAC or elective section.

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Hello, Everyone!

I have 2 kids who are under 2 years old. Dd was born vaginally; Ds was born via scheduled c section - breech presentation, that's why. He was breech from 30 weeks. The ECV did not work for me. After 3 tries, he'd quickly flip right back to his old way. Silly boy!

From today's date, my ds was born 7 days ago, 1 week old. Recovery has been good. I found it easiest to walk, even through pain, at about 4 days pp. today is 7 days pp and i feel i can walk a thousand miles. The physical recovery has been smooth and easy. All I do to calm my pain is take meds. But meds can't cure me emotionally. I have been and still am going through emotional recovery. I have cried twice already.

On a brighter note, I'm happy my boy is healthy and gained the weight that was lost these past days since birth due to poor latch and milk issues. He is a bit jaundiced but that is normal. So.everything is great with baby boy. He's a darling.

And that is all about me and my c section. If anyone is having a hard time coping through the emotional recovery part, feel free to pm me.

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Has anyonr actually managed an HBAC? Did you have to fight to get it? Im in UK.

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I have two kids, and expecting third. My first baby DS was born via forceps. Awful experience....he had shoulder dystocia. Almost ended up with a csection. My 2nd baby DD we discovered she was breech at 38 weeks. I had too much amniotic fluid, so it was like a swimming pool in there for her. Each day she'd flip from breech to head down and back again. At 38 weeks! Craziness!! While she was was Dow. They decided to induce me by breaking my water, as this was the eat chance for me to have a natural delivery. I was hoping for all-natural no drugs experience. Which I knew I could do. As labour began on it's own a few hrs later, they discovered she had flipped into transverse position. Her back was over my cervix. It was an automatic csection not only that, but because her back was across my cervix I had to get a vertical section. Rather than the standard horizontal incision. Because of this, I was told by doctors and my midwife that I would never again be allowed to attempt a VBAC due to the higher risk of uterine rupture. I was so sad!!!! I've gotten used to the idea now though, that I will be having a csection with this third baby, and I now know what to expect and what recovery will be like. I'm in Canada, and for attempting VBAC's there are doctors here that support and some that won't. If you want a guaranteed VBAC than you would have to go with a midwife. For me unfortunately it's not a possibility. Midwives won't even allow it! However I'm thankfully being cared for by a midwife for prenatal and postnatal care, and she will be there as a support person for my csection. Which I'm so thankful for.

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