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Old Feb 6th, 2012, 17:13 PM   1
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Welcome: Caesarean Section!

After a considerable number of requests over this last year we have now introduced a section for c-section Mums and Moms to be.

We hope many find the new support forum helpful on their pregnancy journey and other c-section Mums/Moms are able to help, offer advice and ease any of your concerns as you prepare for the arrival of your little one.


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Old Feb 6th, 2012, 17:33 PM   2
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Great thread to introduce had a section with my first child as she was breech.More than happy to offer advice xx

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Old Feb 6th, 2012, 17:38 PM   3
BabyandBump Team
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Fab subforum, thank you

My fourth labour ended up in an emergency section and I have gone on to have a vbac with number five

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Old Feb 6th, 2012, 19:27 PM   4
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Very happy to see this thread, first and only baby so far was via emergency c-section. Looking forward to discussing with other csec mommas!

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This is so nice! Had a c-section with #1 and will have to with any more due to my small hip size. Love the idea of this forum we're we can all encourage those who have or will need c-sections, so we can remind each other that our births are just as special.

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Old Feb 7th, 2012, 02:45 AM   6
Lazy Leo
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Its nice to see this section. So many woman get worked up and concerned about having a c-section. My little girl decided to enter the world, both early and fast. And breach.

I was 35 weeks and they didn't have a clue she was breach till I was 4cm, they didn't confirm it until I was 8 cm about 15 mins later (with an ultrasound machine)

My section was fantastic! I remember telling them I wanted to push as I was wheeled into theatre - thats how close it was!! The doctors, nurses, surgeons and whoever else was there were amazing.

2.5 years later, my scar is almost completely gone, its barely noticable and the pain was nowhere near as bad as I expected. So much so I think I would very possibly opt for an elective section in future. The main thing is our babies arrive in this world safe and sound; and that we, their mums, are also safe. If that means a section, then fine. At the end of the day, how they get here doesn't matter - it doesn't make your birth any less 'good' 'special' 'important' or anything. It saddens me so much when I hear ladies saying they feel like they failed because they had a section. I just want to reassure that a section can be a really good thing

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Old Feb 7th, 2012, 03:58 AM   7
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great to see this had a natural quick labour with my first and a planned section with my second cause she was needing to be delivered due to placenta problems and prem they didnt advise i do it naturally

so yeah good section as i might need another one if we can have more babies x

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Old Feb 7th, 2012, 05:03 AM   8
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So happy to see this forum!

Only one baby so far for me too and he was born by EMCS. Like previous posters have said, I had a very positive experience of a CSec and would be happy to reassure anyone who is about to have one or has just been through one. My LO is almost 20 months old, and I also have a very faint scar, barely noticeable. I don't feel like I missed out, the outcome was the most important thing - a healthy and beautiful baby.

Looking forward to reading other ladies experiences!

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im hoping to havea c section this time round i have had 2 naturel births this will be my third the plan was to be induced at 38 weeks due to severe anxiety after my last birth... since we decided on induction i have been seeing a councellor and i have come to the decision that i want a c section... i am having my baby at ninewells hospital dundee scotland under doctor nickolls i see him tomorrow to get my date although i dont know if he is going to agree to my request for a section i really hope he does cause i cant sleep or funtion prop with this anxiety anymore im hatingthis pregnancy ... my sister is going to travel fromlondon to mind my other to children but she can only come on the 5th of march so im asking doc nickoll to do the section on the 6th 7th or 8th of march which will make me just over 38 weeks... do yu think he will give me what i want and how long would i have to saty in hosp after section

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Old Feb 7th, 2012, 07:16 AM   10
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Lovely too see this section. I will have plenty of questions over the next few months as my doctors advised me after my last pregnancy which ended in vacum delivery that i should have a section if i went again. I will see him in 2 weeks time but not sure at what stage of pregnancy they actually discuss these things with you

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