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Hi ladies

I'm Christina (Chris for short) I'll be 38 in 2 days, DH Pete is 41. We have 2 boys 3.5 year old PJ (Peter Joseph Jr) and 9 month old Gavin Walter.

(I would love a 3rd but our finances don't allow it and after a miscarriage before Gavin and preterm labor with Gavin hubby is scared to have another BUT still not getting a vasectomy in case our finance change lol) So I will be getting the Mirena IUD next month.

But at 38 and 41 (and considering it took us 8 years to get our 2 boys) I think I can very safely say we are complete.

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My name is Annika, and my DH and I have been married for almost 8 years now. I'm 27 and he's 28. We have 3 children together, Nora is 4, Everett is 2, and Claire is 3 weeks.

I barely got DH to agree to a 3rd, and since we are all out of bedroom (each child has their own room), and mentally I don't think we could handle any more, we are done. I will be going back to college within the next year, and then finally finish the journey towards my own career as a lab technician. DH will be getting a vasectomy soon, and I will probably be getting my tubes tied down the road as well

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I'm kelly 26
Hubby is Ryan 27
2 year old twins x

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Hi I'm Sabrina, aka Sabby, I will be 38 in March and my family has been complete for 8 years now.
My youngest turned 8 in October last year and my eldest turned 18 this month.

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Hi, im liz (30) dh (29) ds (4) dd (2). Pretty sure this is it for us now. If finances were a little different I could for sure be tempted into no.3 but dh is adament were done no matter what. Weve both agreed that if we still agree on no more in a year or 2 dh will be having a vasectamy, but until then im having the merina.

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I'm Emily 35 married to dh 34 for 10 years we have 3 ds's who are 9, 8 and 2&1/2 and one dd who will be a month old in a few days or so. I want to say we're done and I'm 80% sure we are... At the moment I'm struggling with the idea of no more but am putting that down to hormones!! Xx

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Hey ,

Nice to meet everyone , I know no one has posted in a while but thought I'd introduce my little family .

I'm cloe and I'm 24 , My fiancÚ ( Kieron ) is 26 , and our beautiful baby boy Lucas is a few days off of being 1 .

And I'm happy to say our family is complete

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